Numb Thumb is a Competitive Gaming, Content & Sports Lifestyle brand.

Our focus is competitive gaming, content creation, apparel & 5-a-side football. We hope to build the e-sports community in Africa and bridge the gap between the gaming and sports community. Our brand aspires to create an opportunity for individuals who are not fortunate enough to be exposed to the opportunity to play games professionally or for entertainment.

We will also be giving members of the community an opportunity to earn an income through content creation on social platforms (YouTube, twitch, podcasts, etc.) We want to give them the platform, facility & equipment to perfect their craft; hopefully this will inspire some to pursue a career in the aforementioned industries.

5-a-side football will also be on offer at our facilities to bring the different worlds of sport together, as our goal is to not just cater to those in the industry but to help the community who are not capable of getting involved in these industries.

The tournaments that we will have on offer will include all forms of the above-mentioned industries, for example: online, Lan and physical tournaments with a variety of prizes.

There will be community outreach programs; such as grassroots. The power of all the things we have on offer is that it all has the ability to make one forget about the struggles of life and for a few moments just revel in the happiness that comes from taking part in all that we have to offer.

Numb Thumb was created by a group friends who have been playing video games and football for years; as well as actively watching and creating content. We want nothing more than to see this passion grow into a major market in South Africa and Africa as a whole.